Pat’s Palette & Pinot Website (2018)

Garden City, UT

Pat is just a Stay-At-Home mom who loves to paint (& who loves her wine even more some would say!) She always loved DIY painting classes in the city, admiring how these classes bring family & friends together to create something beautiful. She’s had people consistently urging her to possibly do some classes of her own! Closet painter & all, she’s always tossed the idea around but never really had the courage to commit. But one day, she reached out to her Bear Lake UT & Idaho community via Facebook to see if people would be interested.

With such a small community, Pat didn’t think she’d get much of a response. But to her surprise, she had an overflow of excitement, joy and enthusiasm towards her idea! She quickly gathered up the supplies to host a class or two locally, & now she’s hosting in abundance due to the absolute success and demand her classes have now become.