Miller Residence Addition Addition and Remodel (2007)

White Oak Community Waynesville, North Carolina

Tucked away in the beautiful area of western North Carolina, the original farmhouse started to feel little cramped for the expanding Miller family. They needed a little extra space to stretch their legs after long days at work and create a better space to entertain friends and family. This is a perfect example of giving our clients exactly what they wanted out of a new addition.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is a comment from Mrs. Miller: “The dream that our sweet, little farmhouse was to grow, yet keep its authenticity and charm, was something we both held in our hearts and minds, but the process of making this happen just seemed so far out of reach. We needed someone with abilities and vision, and that “someone” was Dakota Meissner. We didn’t want “old house” / “new house” but a blend that felt natural. That is exactly what we have! Our dream has come true! Not only does the transition look great from the outside, but it feels so natural on the inside! Many have told us how amazing it is — to take a 1930’s farmhouse with only approximately 1350 square feet and turn it into an expansive home with usable, yet warm and inviting space — well, we could have NEVER done this without your talents and passion! Thank you so very much! Our hearts are at home!”